Senior Software Engineer @ Publicis Sapient | Jan-2023 - Present

Working as a senior software engineer to manage and provide solutions to various client projects

API & Platform Engineer @ Lloyds Banking Group | Jan-2023 - Mar-2024

Here I managed and secured APIs at the gateway

Leveraged advanced engineering skills to drive innovation and streamline processes, resulting in enhanced scalability, security, and efficiency within the banking environment.

Software Engineer @ Telnyx | Jan-2022 - Dec-2022

Worked as a software engineer to develop and maintain backend services in Python

Utilized Grafana Dashboards with Prometheus data sources for Data Visualization and real time monitoring of enterprise cloud solution

Designed and implemented RESTful APIs in Python


Migrated high traffic microservices from VMs to kuberntese which decreased deployment time significantly and improved auto-scaling efficiency using k8s

Lead Backend Engineer @ Plateaumed Ltd | Jan-2021 - Dec-2022

Contributed and continuously improved product design

Make execution plans for software development to achieve the Company’s objectives, including planning the architecture, software environment.

Designed and implemented RESTful APIs in NodeJS

Managed CI/CD for frontend and backend applications

Maintained, monitored and supported the IT infrastructure


Led a backend team that built an Electronic Medical Record application from scratch to MVP which led to digitization of clinical data across multiple hospitals, more productive doctor-patient consultation time and significant improvement in patient data administration.

Automation Engineer @ Invisible Technologies Inc | Feb-2021 - Apr-2021

Automation using Selenium

Process Optimization and Automation using Python

Shell scripting


Optimized a process flow that took agents days and compressed it into minutes.

Fullstack Software Developer @ Enterprise Business Info Systems | Mar-2018 - Dec-2020

Implemented data analysis, data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.

Full system administration of cloud and on-premise servers.

Implemented innovative systems for data collection, storage and management of customer complaints.

Analyzed requirements and designed, developed and implemented software applications in PHP.


Developed an election tracking solution to monitor data and operations during elections which led to efficient facilitations of elections for internal government stakeholders.

Implemented and managed a Data warehouse

Developed a WhatsApp chatbot to manage customer complaints which led to 35% increase in resolution.

Developed an innovative customer relationship management software used by the federal government to manage customer loans and complaints which led to 40% reduction in loan defaults.

Freelance Software Developer | Jan-2017 - Feb-2018

Implemented an open-source ERP system for clients.

Leveraged strong understanding of WordPress core to manipulate admin and theme components to deliver quality commercial websites.


Cleverly managed multiple client domains with an implemented reverse proxy server